What is real beauty?

Every girl wants to be beautiful but what is real beauty?

Unfortunately, so many books, magazines, advertisements and toys reinforce the issue of external beauty in a way that can be stereotyped into a certain body image, personality and sex-appeal. This narrow view can cause many girls to strive for an unattainable goal and be left with a low self-worth as often being externally attractive can feel like a girl’s life goal and what makes them valuable. However, simply being female makes us so valuable, precious, unique and truly beautiful creatures.

REAL Beauty – it comes from within

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I propose that every girl is created to be beautiful but it is a real beauty that every girl contains, not something that is merely external.

My daughter typically loves all things beautiful, loves to be told she looks pretty, and that her dress and hair look nice. I want my daughter to know that she is pretty but more than that I want her to know that she contains such beauty inside and out just because of who she is. I want her to value the diverse beauty within every girl even if they are totally different to her.

As females we bring forth life, colour, love & tenderness in a way that men can’t (and they too have their own invaluable areas of excellence). We make a house a home and have a strength, passion and determination that is unique to us as girls and women. We can be proud to do things “like a girl” in the most positive and true expression of that statement.

A Beautiful Girl is a book written specifically for girls to highlight the diverse real beauty that lies within every girl. It is the beautiful unique personalities, talents, passions and appearances within every girl that adds real beauty to the world. If these differences are embraced and valued every girl can be proud of their own expression of beauty and shine from the inside out.

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  1. This book has made life more special to me it has told me i am Beautiful And it does not matter to others how I look

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