What really makes a hero?

Every little boy (that I know of) goes through a stage in life where they want to be a hero. What a wonderful ambition to have!

Unfortunately, the hero stereotype can tend to highlight the physical strength, superpowers and fighting ability of the hero which isn’t necessarily what really makes a hero. Even the “bad guys” and villains are becoming popular “hero” figures to some boys because they have these characteristics.

A book about real heroes

blog A Hero Is book

My son, like most boys, loves hero books so I decided to write a hero book of my own. The desire to be a hero is one of nobility if channeled in the right direction. Too many boys have grown out of wanting to be a hero because heroes tend to fall into the fairy tale fiction category. However, the hero book, “A Hero Is”, explores the diverse characteristics and virtues of what really makes a hero and highlights that there are every day REAL heroes and every boy (or girl) can be one!

A Hero Is is a book particularly aimed at little boys between ages 2-10. It carries a message that all boys need to hear to encourage them to be heroes in their everyday lives. Imagine what this world would be like if every boy held onto his innate dream of being a hero, using his talents for the good of others, standing up for what is right, protecting the weak, helping those in need and demonstrating a strength that is not only external but internal.

If you would like to share a hero book with a positive theme such as this with your special little hero, son, nephew, grandson or friend you can order a paperback copy from our store. You can also view previews via this website or download an eBook version of the book at Smashwords and other eBook retailers.

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3 thoughts on “What really makes a hero?

  1. When I read this book to my brother he loved it.He keeps on saying to his school friends “every one can be a super hero!”

  2. Awesome book
    Just read this to my Grandson
    Keen to purchase this and others for the other Grandees

  3. Thank you, Carolyn. I’m so pleased you and your grandson enjoyed my book!

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