Wilbur the Woolly Book

Wilbur the Woolly sheep book
A book about trusting the shepherd

“The wool grew so thick it soon covered his eyes. It looked like he was wearing some strange disguise!”

Wilbur The Woolly is an entertaining parable about trusting the good shepherd. As Wilbur avoids getting shorn and tries to do things his own way, he ends up finding himself in some sticky situations. Follow Wilbur the sheep on his journey as he discovers that getting his own way isn't always best and the shepherd does love him after all.

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While seemingly a Christian parable, there is nothing in this book to keep the story from being a non-religious book about love and natural cycles and life’s seasons, like growing up! It is a straightforward story with a bit of whimsy and a little bit of humor (starting with the cover art!), and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Wilbur the Woolly book by Nikki Rogers

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Wilbur the Woolly is about handi...

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Sooty and Snow Book

Sooty & Snow chicken book

“While Sooty decided to go out and roam, her feathered friend, Snow, was content being home.”

Sooty is an adventurous chicken who longs to experience life beyond the backyard and no fence will stop her. Trampolines, sunhats and shopping adventures aren’t out of bounds for this cheeky chicken, but what if the fence is there for a reason?

Sooty and Snow book by Nikki Rogers

Sooty & Snow is an entertaining cautionary tale based on the true story of two loveable hens. This fun and colorful story follows the entertaining antics of Sooty the chicken and is a good reminder of why we have rules and boundaries.

Will Sooty realize the fence is there to keep her safe and that home really is best?

Reading a book about chickens

Amazon Customer Review

I enjoyed this book! Sooty & Snow is a gentle cautionary tale for kids. Sooty the hen has taken to the notion that "fun" only happens outside the boundaries of her home. She quickly learns that home is the best place to be ...

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What Love Looks Like Book

What Love Looks Like book by Nikki Rogers

What makes you feel loved the most? Building cubbies with Dad? Hand-made gifts from Grandma? Cuddles from mum?

What Love Looks Like is a delightful book that explores the many ways people give and receive love. With touching illustrations and relatable text, this beautiful book will help you identify what makes you feel loved the most, as well as help you recognize when people are speaking love to you in their own special way. 

This book is a must have for any family who wants to ensure that they are speaking the language of love effectively.

Inspired by Gary Chapman's bestseller, The 5 Love Languages.

What love looks like book by Nikki Rogers

Amazon Customer Review

Beautiful illustrations - Great idea! Rogers goes through all five of Gary Chapman's love languages (physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and gifts) and gives specific examples and colorful illustrations to describe each love language in a way that makes sense to children. Like Rogers' other books, this...

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Short Stories for Kids

These six short stories for kids contain beautiful text, sweet illustrations and powerful messages that will touch the hearts of both children and parents alike. I trust you and your children will enjoy them as countless others have!

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Moral stories for kids

Good moral stories for kids can be hard to find. I know, because when my children were younger, I browsed the internet and libraries for good stories to read to them. Although there are many beautiful books out there, I was surprised to find that very few children's stories contained the positive messages and morals that I was after. Sure, there is a place for simply fun and entertaining books, but I was after something more. Something that my children and I wanted to read again and again. Something meaningful. The only answer seemed to be writing my own, so here we are!

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Bedtime Stories

The value of reading bedtime stories to your children regularly cannot be underestimated. Reading to your child helps to develop a love of books and improves literacy, as well as building relationships and creating beautiful memories of time together. Reading together is also an excellent opportunity to teach values and life lessons in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

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Lesson Plans for 5 Books

  Lesson plan ideas to accompany our 5 most popular books: A Beautiful Girl, A Hero Is, The Garden In My Heart, What Love Looks Like, and Sooty & Snow. Can be used in school, or at home. For ages 6-10 years old.   This lesson plan is a free download, we trust it will be a blessing!

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Author Nikki Rogers

Author Nikki Rogers

Nikki Rogers is a mother, teacher, author and illustrator of children’s picture books. Since 2012, her inspirational books have touched the lives of children around the globe.


Nikki was raised on a farm in South East Queensland, Australia and pursued a career in Primary Education. In addition to teaching, she has a passion for the arts, writing, drawing and painting, and loves birds. As her desire to have a positive impact on the lives of children merged with her love of art, several beautiful books to inspire and delight children were created.


Nikki currently lives on the Gold Coast with her husband, children and bantam chickens. She has a heart for the less fortunate and desires that her life may glorify God and inspire others to be all they were created to be.


Award-winning Author

Some of the award-winning books by Nikki Rogers include A Beautiful Girl Like You, A Hero Like You, What Love Looks Like, Wilbur the Woolly and Born To Stand Out.



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