The Garden in my Heart book

The Garden In My Heart book

The Garden In My Heart is a children's book about sowing and reaping that encourages children to sow good things in their heart. We all have a garden that can produce flowers of joy or weeds of jealousy and bitterness.

"There is a secret garden inside every girl and boy, and there are special seeds to sow that will grow into joy."

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This is a simple book with a deep message that has the potential to be a powerful parenting (or teaching) tool. What greater lesson can we pass on to our children (or students) than the fact that we will reap what we sow? With gentle pictures and simple rhyme, Rogers writes about the value of thankfulness, patience, friendship, and more. She addresses the need to tend to the garden in our hearts: to pull the weeds of bitterness or jealousy -- and to plant good seeds and get good fruit.

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The Garden In My Heart is all about planting the 'good seeds' of character....

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A Hero Is book

A Hero Like You is the updated hardcover edition of the original paperback, A Hero Is.

This hero book looks at everyday heroes and highlights qualities such as loyalty, compassion, resourcefulness, justice, and courage. The lyrical rhyme and relatable illustrations remind us that we all have the opportunity to be a hero by helping others, doing right and being the best we can.

“What the world needs is a hero like you!”

A Hero Is book

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***** Gorgeous little illustrations that go with an inspiring and positive message for kids of all ages. A great way for parents/ grandparents to show children that being a hero can be done in so many different ways and that anyone can be heroic through acts of kindness, bravery, and personal talents. This book would make an excellent addition to a child's library.

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***** I love that this book is about everyday heroes, people in all walks of life, just trying to mak...

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A Beautiful Girl book
A beautiful girl like you book by Nikki Rogers

A Beautiful Girl Like You is a heart-warming book that celebrates diversity and encourages readers to see and appreciate the unique beauty within themselves and others.

By highlighting a variety of personality traits, talents, and passions as well as touching on external features, we can see through this book how delightfully different girls can be. The charming rhyme and sweet illustrations will inspire little girls and big girls alike to value what makes them unique and the part they can play in making the world a more wonderful place. "Bring beauty to the world by just being you."

Reading a beautiful girl like you by Nikki Rogers

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The first time I read through this book I fell in love with it. Each page describes different attributes of a "beautiful girl", something like this:

"A beautiful girl has skin that is fair.
Whatever she's blessed with she wants to share.
She is a giver of gifts and keeps others in mind.
She likes to...

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Rainbow Moments Book

Rainbow Moments book by Nikki Rogers

Rainbow Moments is a sweet children's book about hearing God's voice everyday.

God made a rainbow to remind Noah of His promises and He gives us special reminders too! This special book encourages the reader to recognize when God is speaking—reminding us of His great love and many wonderful promises. 

“If you take time to stop and listen, look and you will see, the precious rainbow moments that God sends for you and me.” 

A book about hearing from God

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Rainbow Moments is all about looking for those little moments where God's love and mercy are shown. Those moments that are so easy to overlook. I can easily see this book as a jumping-off point for conversations on finding those moments and where we can see God's promises in our lives. This is a well-written, engaging book with beautiful illustrations. It's such a great reminder of His love for kids and for grown-ups! I absolutely adore this little book!

A book about hearing from God

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Wilbur the Woolly Book
Wilbur the Woolly sheep book
A book about trusting the shepherd

“The wool grew so thick it soon covered his eyes. It looked like he was wearing some strange disguise!”

Wilbur The Woolly is an entertaining parable about trusting the good shepherd. As Wilbur avoids getting shorn and tries to do things his own way, he ends up finding himself in some sticky situations. Follow Wilbur the sheep on his journey as he discovers that getting his own way isn't always best and the shepherd does love him after all.

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While seemingly a Christian parable, there is nothing in this book to keep the story from being a non-religious book about love and natural cycles and life’s seasons, like growing up! It is a straightforward story with a bit of whimsy and a little bit of humor (starting with the cover art!), and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Wilbur the Woolly book by Nikki Rogers

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Wilbur the Woolly is about handi...

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Sooty and Snow Book
Sooty & Snow chicken book

“While Sooty decided to go out and roam, her feathered friend, Snow, was content being home.”

Sooty is an adventurous chicken who longs to experience life beyond the backyard and no fence will stop her. Trampolines, sunhats and shopping adventures aren’t out of bounds for this cheeky chicken, but what if the fence is there for a reason?

Sooty and Snow book by Nikki Rogers

Sooty & Snow is an entertaining cautionary tale based on the true story of two loveable hens. This fun and colorful story follows the entertaining antics of Sooty the chicken and is a good reminder of why we have rules and boundaries.

Will Sooty realize the fence is there to keep her safe and that home really is best?

Reading a book about chickens

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I enjoyed this book! Sooty & Snow is a gentle cautionary tale for kids. Sooty the hen has taken to the notion that "fun" only happens outside the boundaries of her home. She quickly learns that home is the best place to be ...

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What Love Looks Like Book

What Love Looks Like book by Nikki Rogers

What makes you feel loved the most? Building cubbies with Dad? Hand-made gifts from Grandma? Cuddles from mum?

What Love Looks Like is a delightful book that explores the many ways people give and receive love. With touching illustrations and relatable text, this beautiful book will help you identify what makes you feel loved the most, as well as help you recognize when people are speaking love to you in their own special way. 

This book is a must have for any family who wants to ensure that they are speaking the language of love effectively.

Inspired by Gary Chapman's bestseller, The 5 Love Languages.

What love looks like book by Nikki Rogers

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Beautiful illustrations - Great idea! Rogers goes through all five of Gary Chapman's love languages (physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and gifts) and gives specific examples and colorful illustrations to describe each love language in a way that makes sense to children. Like Rogers' other books, this...

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