Rainbow Moments Book

Rainbow Moments book by Nikki Rogers

Rainbow Moments is a sweet children’s book about hearing God’s voice everyday.

God made a rainbow to remind Noah of His promises and He gives us special reminders too! This special book encourages the reader to recognize when God is speaking—reminding us of His great love and many wonderful promises. 

“If you take time to stop and listen, look and you will see, the precious rainbow moments that God sends for you and me.” 

A book about hearing from God

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Rainbow Moments is all about looking for those little moments where God’s love and mercy are shown. Those moments that are so easy to overlook. I can easily see this book as a jumping-off point for conversations on finding those moments and where we can see God’s promises in our lives. This is a well-written, engaging book with beautiful illustrations. It’s such a great reminder of His love for kids and for grown-ups! I absolutely adore this little book!

A book about hearing from God

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Another beautifully hand-illustrated book from the same Author Illustrator. This book points out God’s love and His precious promises to mankind. It particularly reminds us all to appreciate the little things in life that bless us.

A beautiful introduction to hearing from God and remembering His promises.

Rainbow Moments is a lovely book with beautiful illustrations and lovely verse. It explores the different ways God speaks to us through the little things in life – are we listening? Another great title from Nikki Rogers.

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