Sooty and Snow Book

Sooty & Snow chicken book

“While Sooty decided to go out and roam, her feathered friend, Snow, was content being home.”

Sooty is an adventurous chicken who longs to experience life beyond the backyard and no fence will stop her. Trampolines, sunhats and shopping adventures aren’t out of bounds for this cheeky chicken, but what if the fence is there for a reason?

Sooty and Snow book by Nikki Rogers

Sooty & Snow is an entertaining cautionary tale based on the true story of two loveable hens. This fun and colorful story follows the entertaining antics of Sooty the chicken and is a good reminder of why we have rules and boundaries.

Will Sooty realize the fence is there to keep her safe and that home really is best?

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Amazon Customer Review

I enjoyed this book! Sooty & Snow is a gentle cautionary tale for kids. Sooty the hen has taken to the notion that “fun” only happens outside the boundaries of her home. She quickly learns that home is the best place to be because “home” is where she is loved and protected. Sooty & Snow is an entertaining story (the tale is in rhyme), but it also provides a teachable moment for parents (or teachers) and their children. The illustrations are delightful – well drawn with pleasing colors.

Amazon Customer Review

Highly recommended. Great and fun story about 2 little chickens, one enjoys the goodness of home and one decides to explore outside of the safe boundaries of home and ends up getting her feathers bitten off, only to find out that home really is the safest and best place to be.

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