Wilbur the Woolly Book

Wilbur the Woolly sheep book
A book about trusting the shepherd

“The wool grew so thick it soon covered his eyes. It looked like he was wearing some strange disguise!”

Wilbur The Woolly is an entertaining parable about trusting the good shepherd. As Wilbur avoids getting shorn and tries to do things his own way, he ends up finding himself in some sticky situations. Follow Wilbur the sheep on his journey as he discovers that getting his own way isn’t always best and the shepherd does love him after all.

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While seemingly a Christian parable, there is nothing in this book to keep the story from being a non-religious book about love and natural cycles and life’s seasons, like growing up! It is a straightforward story with a bit of whimsy and a little bit of humor (starting with the cover art!), and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Wilbur the Woolly book by Nikki Rogers

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Wilbur the Woolly is about handing our burdens over to God, and how weighed down we can be if we attempt to carry them all ourselves. This book convicted me. I am so guilty of hoarding my burdens. I love that this book encourages kids (and adults) to hand their worries and issues over to Him and let Him take care of us, because He loves us, and wants to take on our burdens. The illustrations are adorable, and I absolutely love the message!

Cute illustrations and a fun, rhythmic pace to the story. A positive and wise message, too; and one that children can easily understand. Such a cute little book, with a wonderful message about trust.

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