Incredible India. It is a place of chaos that somehow works. A place of extreme contrast, where beautiful people dressed in beautiful clean detailed clothing stand in contrast to the background of old, broken, half-finished buildings covered in dust and surrounded by litter. Where high quality materials such as granite are assembled with little care and beautiful brass door handles will be held on with masking tape.

Although India is different the brothers and sisters in Christ are so friendly, beautiful and inspirational. Although they don’t have much they have hearts of generosity and will give whatever they have even if it is their life. We visited a few church meetings, a children’s home and a leaders conference. The language barrier is frustrating as there is so much we would love to share with these God-hungry people but we were able to minister to the people through an interpreter at times. We prayed with about 6 young men who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was also able to pray with a lady who had a rod, infection and pain in her arm who was thrilled when the pain was gone and she could lift her arm. Praise God! It would have been good to stay in one place long enough to hear more testimonies from our visit. Their praise and worship is wonderful, their prayer is powerful and the work they are doing and their enthusiasm is amazing.

The local Christians are reaching their community in practical ways by opening up their home to homeless children, setting up old people’s homes, medical centers, schools or woman’s training centers, whatever is needed in their community. We were impressed to see the zeal these great men and women have to reach their country with the love of Christ.