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A Beautiful Girl Like You (Paperback)

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780648723257
Author: Nikki Rogers
Page Count: 32
Binding: paperback

A Beautiful Girl Like You is a heart-warming book that celebrates the unique beauty found in every girl. Whether you have skin like desert sands, gold hair like the sun, a smile that brings hope or a passion for justice, “If you are a girl you are beautiful too. Bring beauty to the world by just being you!”

With charming rhyme and sweet illustrations, this special book will inspire little girls and big girls alike to value what makes them unique and the part they can play in making the world a more wonderful place.

* A Beautiful Girl Like You won First Place in the 2021 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.*

Amazon Customer Review *****

My little girl read this book to me and it is absolutely adorable. This book tells young girls that all are beautiful. My little girl is 7 years old and I want her to understand that everyone is beautiful in their own way and these are the kinds of books that they need to read.

Amazon Customer Review *****

Such a sweet and beautiful book about all the beautiful girls in the world. No matter what nationality, skin color, hair color, personality, every girl is beautiful inside and out. What a wonderful message to start sharing with girls of ALL ages.

Amazon Customer Review *****
The first time I read through this book I fell in love with it. Each page describes different attributes of "beautiful girl", something like this:
"A beautiful girl has skin that is fair.
Whatever she's blessed with she wants to share.
She is a giver of gifts; has others on her mind.
She likes to do things that are thoughtful and kind."
The first line of every page describes a physical attribute of the girl in the picture on that page. Besides the fair skinned girl, there is a dark skinned girl, a girl with skin like desert sands, girls with just about every hair color and style, a girl with freckles, tall and petite girls, an even a girl with a scarf on her head with apparently no hair at all.
But the important thing is that after that first descriptive line, there are several lines about beautiful girls being kind, loving, and a whole variety of various attributes about each of the girls.
The key is at the end of the book, when the author states,
"A beautiful girl is any girl at all.
It's not only external it's every girl's call.
If you are a girl you are beautiful too.
Bring beauty to the world by just being you!"
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What Our Customers Have To Say…

“My daughter received one of your books as a Christmas gift and I just wanted to commend you on a brilliant job! I am an early years educator and you have just done so well in producing a powerful, beautiful book for children. I can’t wait to read the other titles. Fantastic!!!!” ~ Meagan

I have just bought 2 of the most gorgeous inspiring children’s books to go in my wee boys stocking this Christmas.  The message they share with wee ones is pretty powerful and written so beautifully. ~ Meli

The boys were given a copy of this book (A Hero Is) over the Christmas period, it is absolutely perfect. This book really puts the whole “Hero” thing into perspective and teaches wonderful attitudes (A hero behaves honourably with his friends)!!!
Strongly recommend it ***** ~ Rick

What Love Looks Like - Reading good books for kids

What should you look for when choosing short stories for kids?

Publishers sometimes indicate the age level or grade level for which they think that book is most suitable. Don’t hesitate to choose a book that may be suggested for someone older than your child as short stories for kids can be read to him or her now, and later on by the child.

It is also possible to find picture books that because of the subject or artwork will be just right for an older child. An interesting story in a beautiful, well-illustrated book offers the child an aesthetic experience to enjoy over and over again. Even adults can enjoy picture books and glean from the often deep messages within them.

Books with good morals

A book is an unlimited investment in the human mind and spirit and its selection deserves thoughtful attention. Take more than a few minutes to look at the books you intend to buy, read them or passages from them. Be sure to select books that share your family values and reinforce what you want to teach your children. If it is a good book for kids you’re likely to be reading the same book repeatedly, so make sure it’s a book you’ll both enjoy.

Help them make sense of their world

A young child has a limited range of experiences. Help your child relate to what happens to the characters in the book. The settings might be different but look for familiar emotions, familiar questions, and familiar situations. Good books for kids can also help children build empathy by stepping into someone else’s shoes for a while.

Picture books are often a great springboard into deeper discussions with your child. When you come across a powerful lesson within a simple children’s book, look for opportunities in the everyday experiences of your child to remind them of the lessons within the story.

Paperback or hardcover?

Most paperbacks for children are reasonably priced and lightweight, whilst hardcovers have the longevity and appearance of a quality book. We offer good books for kids in both paperback and hardcover which make beautiful gifts for children that can be enjoyed again and again. So, next time you are thinking of a gift for your child, niece, nephew or friend, consider one of our meaningful children’s books.